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Airport Transfer in Tampa, Miami and Orlando

Get 2 Door, LLC provides private airport transportation service in Florida. Our company offers door to door transportation services in Tampa Bay, Orlando and Miami. We also offer private individual and business transportation to and from the airport (airport transfer). With Get2door shuttle service meet and greet service is available upon request at no additional cost. Convenient and easy Get2door airport shuttle service provides professional, experienced drivers who put our passenger’s safety first. Whether you are departing or arriving we can provide you with reliable and luxurious on time transportation. Don’t take a chance with your airport transportation, make sure you always choose the convenient, enjoyable option with Get2doors airport shuttle service.

Get 2 Door Business

Corporate transportation to and from airports and offices. We also offer discount rates for groups and meet and greet airport service is always included. Rides to and from the airport can be a good time to work uninterrupted or just relax. Take advantage of that time in our car service. Instead of driving yourself or taking public transportation make the smart convenient choice. Get2door we will pick you up at your home or office. We will drop you off right at the airport curbside or destination of your choice. Your ride with Get2door Business can be relaxing shuttle service or productive work in a private uninterrupted workspace. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting, corporate event or an important sales call Get2door will be there for you to take the stress and hassle out of business travel.

Get 2 Door VS Regular travel. Take a flight or travel with Get 2 Door?

Tampa Bay and South Florida it’s a regular route for travelers. Many individual and business travelers often take a flight, which is often thought to be the quickest most convenient way to travel.

If you are about to make this trip, let’s compare the two options.

Option #1) Flight:

1) You typically pay for transportation to the airport Uber, Lyft, shuttle or a taxi $20-$40?

2) Check in hours before the flight, deal with TSA, Purchase something to eat at the terminal. $10-$20

3) One hour 30 minutes in the air (if all goes well) unfortunately if the flight is delayed this is out of your control and can change your plans for the day. Flight $80-$149

4) Once you land and get off the plane you wait for luggage at the destination airport.

5) Wait and pay for another Uber to your final destination. $20-$40 It can be expensive, unpredictable and stressful.

Option #2) Get2Door’s Personalized Shuttle Service:

1) We pick you up at home, you just relax, choose from an assortment of free Get2door snacks and refreshments.

Enjoy complimentary onboard WiFi, Nextflix, and Spectrum TV on an iPad provided by Get2door. No hassles, no stress, no flight delays, no waiting for or hauling luggage.

2) Save up to 70%

If you agree with us that Option #2 is an ATTRACTIVE, money saving, stress free choice then schedule your ride today!

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